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We're not entirely sure what brought you here, but welcome to NFT's System. If you have decided to visit us, then you at least have an interest in what is undoubtedly a very interesting industry

Depending on your personality, goals, or interests, the part of the NFT market that stands out the most to you likely differs. For example, many artistic pieces qualify as NFTs. Maybe, you are interested in the creative side of the spectrum. Alternatively, you’re probably more focused on learning as you hope to understand things a bit more before deciding which way you want to go.

Finally, you are likely acutely aware that there is trading potential where NFTs are concerned. Since you're new to our site, it's probably just a discovery phase as you want to see if we offer what you need, as well as anything else that may be attractive to you. Well, we'll just go ahead and say that NFT’s System certainly has something for you, so, welcome to the fold!

What Is NFT’s System?

Consider us the best NFT gateway that you have ever seen. What does that even mean? Well, our business model consists of making appropriate connections. It sounds simple, doesn't it?

So, let's say that you heard someone talking about NFTs and it piqued your interest. The problem is you don't have much of a reference point, as it's been a bit challenging to collect the information you need for greater comprehension. If that sounds like you, then you'd sign up with NFT’s System, we'd have a carefully selected agent speak with you to understand where you are, and you'd be routed to a third party that is best suited four distance learning.

How about another example? Like cryptocurrencies, stocks, CFDs, etc., there's trading potential in the NFT world. Again, you may be aware of this either at a surface level or very deeply. In any case, you show up here. We don't offer a training platform. However, again, we leverage strategic third-party partnerships to connect you to a trading platform that is especially suited to your mindset and risk profile.

You could call us NFT cupid if that makes it any clearer. Let's touch on the topic of risk for a moment. There's no such thing as a free lunch in this world. If you believe that there is, your interest in NFTs should be the thing that motivates you to believe otherwise.

It's critical to understand that while there is always earning potential in trading, it doesn't go beyond the idea of a possibility. Making money in NFT trading is not a guarantee. There is quite the level of risk involved, meaning that you stand to lose as well.

However, with the right insights in your corner, you notice that you start making better trading decisions as your ability to function on an analytical and critical level in the marketplace begins to improve.


What to Expect with Registration with NFT’s System

You’ve decided to become a member of NFT’s System. What should you expect to happen? Well, we'd like to start by saying you just made an excellent choice.

What you want to do is hit the sign-up button to be taken to our registration form. You're going to notice that it's quite simple, as our only interest is information that helps with your identification and is sufficient for our partners to provide you with the assistance you need. Simply fill out the required fields, accept our terms and conditions after reading them, and submit the data. Our verification system is going to send you an email just to ensure that you are using a valid address. Only upon clicking the link embedded in the said email is your profile verified.

At this point, an expert account manager reaches out to you for two reasons. The first is to understand why you're here. What is it that you want where NFTs are concerned? Get out of the mindset that it has to fall under the umbrella of trading. If you are certain that's where you want to go, then that's a different story. However, if you are just looking to understand things a bit more, that's fine as well.

Upon comprehending what it is you want, your account manager begins to provide guidance that is specifically tailored to you. This involves making the connection with the most relevant third party that offers the service you need. So, now that you understand our workflow a little better, let's just go ahead and give you a brief high-level overview of a bit of the NFT world.


What Is an NFT?

This is an excellent question and the perfect place to begin. You can imagine NFTs as digital assets that are a direct representation of real-world items. These could be in-game elements, videos, music, art, and even land in a virtual world.

They are highly similar to cryptocurrencies and are even encoded with similar underlying software. NFTs are not as new as you may think. They first made their debut in 2014, though they were much less popular at the time. Their current explosion is due to the unique way in which they allow the purchase and sale of digital artwork. Ownership of these kinds of assets would traditionally be a slippery slope.

Take the video game industry, for example. If you buy a physical copy of a game, it's yours. Even if the publisher should stop selling it, there is nothing that anyone can do to take your game back. With digital downloads, it's a bit different. While delisting the item from the digital store doesn't affect you, a publisher could theoretically restrict you from playing a digital download, making it unusable in your library altogether.

It's not your copy in the same way. NFTs make things a bit interesting since you can now lay claim to such an item with a unique identifier.

The potential to create digital scarcity is quite the phenomenon. You may think it's strange since NFTs such as pictures are publicly viewable. One could even say that you could go on the Internet and easily get this NFT yourself.

However, that's not the case, as there is only one owner on record. There is digital authentication built-in that equates to proof of ownership, and many of the people who are interested in buying and selling value the financial opportunity and the bragging rights that come with ownership.


How Expensive Can NFTs Get?

We can see several reasons why you want to know the answer to this question. Certainly, there is a level of curiosity to see how much people are willing to invest in this concept of digital ownership. Well, there are a few limited art collections including Bored Ape, Cool Cats, Yacht Club, and Cryptopunks.

There is a limit of 10,000 pieces of digital art in each collection, and much of it is sold in an auction-style. Well, a third of Cryptopunk’s collection sold for a shocking 472 million euros. If that doesn't put the value and potential of NFTs into perspective for you, there is not much that can.

Can You Buy NFTs with Cash?

NFTS cannot be purchased with cash. Purchases can only be made using cryptocurrency, and the specific cryptocurrency depends on the blockchain that your desired NFT uses.

So, you do need to get your hands on a digital wallet to store both your cryptocurrencies and your NFTs. Bear in mind that there are fees associated with the whole process though, some of which are hidden and can wildly fluctuate.

Well-known NFT Marketplaces

You have several choices at your fingertips if you are looking to purchase some NFTS. Here's a look at a few of the largest NFT marketplaces.

Foundation is the first, and pieces can only be posted for sale when there are enough upvotes or fellow creators in the community invite the creators. Artists must also budget for the minting process (qualifying a piece of art as an NFT through complex computations not too far removed from cryptocurrency transfers)

Rarible is next on the list, and it provides a mostly democratic and open marketplace, allowing creators and artists to issue and sell NFTs. wraps things up, and it's a peer-to-peer platform that is also quite democratic.

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That's just a bit of information to put things into perspective for you at a foundational level. Our partners that specialize in distance learning can take things to an even deeper level for you. Why don't you go ahead sign up, so NFT’s System can guide you along your journey?